Capital Building


The Capital Building is part of the first development phase at Embassy Gardens, Nine Elms, located at Battersea on London’s South Bank, for developer Ballymore and the Peabody Trust Housing Association.  The buildings will be finished during 2015.


The scheme is arranged around a raised and accessible courtyard which links by south-facing steps to a new linear park, connecting to Vauxhall in the east and Battersea in the west. The private for-sale building comprises 80 units and is 14 storeys high, while the shared-ownership building is 98 units and 13 storeys tall.

The buildings are formed from brickwork, which is detailed to create depth and variety. A series of staggered balconies provide appropriately sized terrace areas for family units and make the most of views along the linear park.


Key partners on this project and the wider development include Arup Associates, Camlins, AHMM, Feilden Clegg Bradley and Farrell.

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