Modern Methods of Construction

We have a strong interest in MMC and have worked with a range of materials and systems.

Light Gauge Steel        

We have worked with a leading UK construction firm to develop a housing system which seeks to prepare up to 90% of above ground building works off site. 

This system has been tested in prototype form and on a series of sites.  Our proposal for a Cambridge  sought to demonstrate the application of the system in an existing context and to explore housing typologies relevant to contemporary living.

In particular we looked at a ‘plug and play’ services system allowing for easy access from the street for maintenance and meter reading.



Working with Bavairan manufacturer Baufritz we adapted their SIPS (structurally insulated panel) system to suit a particular architectural approach.  See further details in the ‘House with No Name’.



We have been early adopters of CLT (cross laminated timber) in a number of projects including the Leicester Blackfriars scheme.  A reinforced ground ‘table’ at ground and first floors provides a platform onto which CLT walls and floors are placed.  The walls and floors are restrained back to insitu RC circulation cores.   


Clay Products              

Working with leading brick and tile supplier Wienerberger to developed the e4 brick house concept, a prototype of which has been constructed at the BRE Innovation Park.

Using robust details and a fabric first approach the system seeks to achieve performance and cost certainty coupled with quality of build.

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